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SmartBlock™ insulated concrete forms can contribute more than 25 points towards the 69 available points for a LEED NC certified structure.

ConForm® Global is an American, service disabled veteran owned small business engaged in the U.S. manufacture and marketing of products for the building industry. The company's principal product is SmartBlock™. The company is committed to unequaled quality in its products and employees for the benefit of its customers, and is the world leader in its major product line.

SmartBlock™ from ConForm® is one of the most powerful and innovative concepts to arrive in the building materials industry in many years. In the most basic use of concrete in construction, using SmartBlock™ accomplishes in one step what normally requires numerous steps: it simultaneously acts as the forming system for placing concrete, the structural system for above and below grade walls, as superior stay-in-place insulation, sound suppression and as the substrate for exterior and interior finishing materials.

ConForm’s® design and support network are unmatched in the industry. No other forming system allows for mixed wall widths. Our patented interlock system is the only system imitated by late bloomers to the industry. The Company is constantly evaluating and upgrading the system for the best benefits for designers, distributors, builders and homeowners.