Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
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SmartBlock™ insulated concrete forms can contribute more than 25 points towards the 69 available points for a LEED NC certified structure.  

Natural Disaster Victims

The Families of ConForm Global Manufacturer of the SmartBlock™ Insulated Concrete Forming System would like to extend our heartfelt prayers and concerns to the victims and survivors of this spring's devastating storms throughout the country. We have been manufacturing the fastest, simplest and most efficient way to build the strongest buildings available since 1988.

We will provide our Insulated Concrete Forming System SmartBlock™ at our cost to individuals, families and their Worship facilities who have lost their homes and churches in this year's devastating storms.

You may be eligible to apply for assistance to re-build your house through  the ConForm Global Aid Program. You can make a difference now and for the future by re-building your homes with Storm Resistant Materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact you for assistance?
Phone: 1-800-266-3676 FAX: 208 676 0615
2. What information do you need right now?
To get started on your re-build project, please call 1-800-266-3676.
3. What are ICF's?
Please wander around our website. You will find some fascinating facts about the sustainable-building method using SmartBlock™ Insulated Concrete Forms. There is security knowing your building will be strong and disaster-resistant for many years.
4. What are SmartBlock™ ICFs used for?
SmartBlock™ ICFs are used to build homes, commercial buildings, safe rooms, and any concrete structure intended to last a long time.
5. Why should I use SmartBlock™ ICFs?
SmartBlock™ Insulated Concrete Forms help to provide a strong, quiet, energy-efficient building. Once SmartBlock™ is stacked in place, it is filled with concrete and rebar. The building or safe room is solid, strong, and durable.
6. What is SmartBlock™ offering in the way of assistance to people in disaster areas?
We are offering to supply individuals and families with SmartBlock™ Insulated Concrete Forms at our cost, in order to reconstruct their damaged homes, add safe rooms, and rebuild churches.
7. Who can apply for assistance?
If you live in the area affected by severe storms and are rebuilding your home, a safe room, or worship facility, you are eligible for this offer.
8. How will this assistance process work?
Once you and/or your insurance company assess the damage and the areas you need to rebuild, obtain a floor plan, or the dimensions of your new home or safe room. It is best to email the "footprint" and elevations to We will contact you immediately once we have received them, and help you work through the ordering process.
9. How long will it take to apply for the ICFs to rebuild my home?
ConForm Global prides itself on customer service. Once we receive your plans, talk to you to clarify specifications, and get your order, your SmartBlock ICFs will be shipped promptly. Once you receive them, you will find that SmartBlock™ ICF's stack up easily and fast. You are on your way to a solid, disaster-resistant building.

We also challenge those who have not been affected by these recent storms to join our families
at SmartBlock™ by donating to the:
Red Cross at
Salvation Army at
P.O. Box 116543, Atlanta, GA 30368-6543
or by visiting the web site at the
National Association of Stock Car Racers at

Together we can make a difference