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SmartBlock™ insulated concrete forms can contribute more than 25 points towards the 69 available points for a LEED NC certified structure.

Why use SmartBlock™ over conventional walls?

Simplicity - SmartBlock™ consists of only three components: a block, the end piece, and plastic connectors. Compact, easy to stock bundles avoid wasting precious space and valuable inventory. This simplifies bidding, shortens take offs, reduces the work of your crew and eliminates the chance of ordering and receiving the wrong parts. One system easily forms all the building components: angles, corners, radius walls, brick ledgers, etc.

Warranty - SmartBlock™ forms are 100% guaranteed against defects in manufacture and to perform in accordance with its technical specifications when following Company recommended practices.

Design and engineering - for SmartBlock™ variable form system go directly to chapter 19 of the UBC, for the SF10 use PCA's prescriptive design for building with ICF's.

Easier to transport -- our components allow assembly on site. SmartBlock's design allows for more products (7500 sq ft) to be shipped per truckload.

Why use SmartBlock™ over other ICF's?

More choices for different applications - SmartBlock offers you a choice of two types of block: column-and-beam standard form (SF10) and versatile variable form (12VWF) for solid poured walls.

Free technical support will always be available from the Company's support line at 1-800-CONFORM. If on-site-assistance is needed, arrangements can be made with a SmartBlock account manager in many areas.

Superior technical and instructional materials - our Design and Product Manual, installation guides, installation CD, brochures, evaluation reports and other informative literature is available either directly from this website or via mail and UPS from our headquarters.

National recognition and industry verification - SmartBlock™ systems have national code approvals (ICBO, BOCA, ICC, IRC and IBC). Local evaluation reports (City of Los Angeles, New York, State of Wisconsin, Texas, etc.), are also available.

Competitive pricing -- SmartBlock™ 's network of distributors ensures easy access to stocked materials guaranteeing competitive pricing. Low manufacturing costs are directly passed to the customer.

Why Do Builders Pick SmartBlock™ ?

No waiting for subs (concrete, framing, etc.)

Easier to keep house in square with resulting cost savings for above grade floor, framing, roof, joists, etc.

No form stripping
- Easier to attach waterproofing
- No prep solvents
- Eliminates waiting for sub to return
- Fewer chances of leaks

Eliminates follow on steps with framing and insulation subcontractors

Faster start above grade - sill plate can be attached day after pour instead of waiting on form stripping

Virtual elimination of walls cracking, thus limiting callbacks, structural problems, etc.

Greater flexibility with poor weather and job site conditions
- Can be placed in rain
- Possible to work on muddy sites
- Wall insulation permits cold weather installation and concrete placement

Subs do not have to wait for availability of forms, skilled crews, etc.

No extra costs for angles, corners, drops, windows, doors, curved walls and other custom features

Simple, all-in-one system
- Limits extra trips to pick up special tools, adjustable panel forms, attachments,etc.
- Fewer chances for mistakes

More forgiving system - easier to isolate blowouts and continue work, to keep walls aligned and in square during pour, etc.

Reduced injury history and worker's comp claims for general and/or subcontractors

Why Do Homeowners Choose SmartBlock™ ?

  • Permanent, low-maintenance structure
  • Preservation of R-value for the life of the structure
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Insulated concrete curing to 50% stronger than conventionally poured concrete
  • Elimination of wall cracking, thus limiting callbacks, structural problems, leaks unpleasant odors, etc.
  • Continuous insulation envelop versus "sieve" insulation system
  • Simple to add windows, doors and other natural light access at lower sacrifice to insulation
  • Elimination of deterioration of interior wall insulation and structural integrity
  • Any additional cost paid back in reduced energy and HVAC costs
  • Eliminates hiding places for pests (mice, cockroaches, etc.) by eliminating stud wall cavities
  • Reduced fire hazard from electrical shorts in walls
  • Less toxic in fires than wood
  • Eliminates drafts from insulation cavities, creating a warm and cozy environment.